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Spotify Mod Apk


Spotify Mode Apk is one of the applications of almost all music lovers who have downloaded it on smartphones, computers, and even game consoles. This online music streaming service offers music, podcasts, novels, audiobooks, poems, and comedy hints to listen to whenever you want. However, if you have a ridiculous premium program on Spotify, we wrote this article to give people who read our blog username and password for a Spotify Premium account. Read on to learn how to get a free Spotify Mod Apk for personal use.

spotify mod apk

Spotify Premium Final Mod Apk:

Spotify has Free and Premium based subscription options. For those who are using a free account on Spotify forced to listen to songs with some limitations. It was never so easy to access such an extensive library of music, using a free account on Spotify. Also those Advertisements, you need to deal with while listening to music on Spotify. The app is being monetized with both Audio / Video Ads, which repeatedly plays between the time when a song ends and changing to the next one.

The facts above are the main reason you need to get rid of your free account and upgrade to your Spotify Premium account today. Because if you upgrade your free Spotify account to a premium account, you can still enjoy your favorite music without any restrictions and use all the functions of your application.

What is Spotify Mod Apk:

Moreover, you need to pay for the premium subscription, which will cost you around $10 for a month and is more expensive than a Netflix subscription. It also offers a free trial to try their Premium free for 30 days. After that, you need to pay $9.99 for every month as long as you tend to use the Spotify premium. Of course utmost of the people came from mid-tier family are also wanted to have Spotify premium for bringing the music anywhere they go! But, sadly, don’t have enough funds to purchase the subscription.

Today in ProAPKStore, we wrote this article to help the one who is looking to get a Spotify premium account free. Of course, who doesn’t want to have Spotify premium accounts free in 2020?

 In addition to this, we even adding new working free Spotify premium accounts every day, depends on what we can afford on that day. It may be less or more. So guys, be sure to check our site regularly for new free Spotify premium Accounts updates.

Free Spotify Mod Apk Features

The above-shown subscription table clearly shows the difference between the Free and Premium plans of Spotify. Now we are going to learn about each feature that comes with the premium plan in more detail.


How many times you feel annoyed about hearing a boring advertisement during you listening to your favorite songs. Using our Free Spotify login details you can enjoy your favorite music on Spotify absolutely ad-free.

Unlimited Skips 

You have landed into the song or album that you have no interest in? Just skip it. You do not have to worry about skips because this feature is unlimited with a premium account.

High-quality sound

Already knew? Using the Spotify premium accounts 2020, You can personalize the sound of your sound with more bass or a concert hall reverb. Depending on the taste of the music, the streaming service offers different kinds of sound options, which can be used to increase the audio quality. Android users find the appropriate settings under the menu item “Sound quality” and Equalizer. Here you can also minimize the sound quality and thus save data volume. Owners of an iPhone, however, go in the settings on the menu item Play.

Sleep timer for Songs

Do you like to listen to music while falling asleep at night? Then the sleep timer is the ideal option for you. With it, you can determine how long the music should run. Spotify will stop playback automatically and stop playing unheard. This also saves electricity. You can activate the sleep timer via the menu, whereby you can choose from preset options between 5 minutes and a maximum of one hour.

Search and Play songs

If you are looking for a specific title, album, or artist, you can find them by making use of the search option. You can play any song you wanted using the search feature.

Listen to Spotify offline

It is the best way to save data on the go: enable offline mode. In this case, you will only listen to your saved podcasts and songs and Spotify will not play the next songs after the offline playlist finishes.

Create own playlists

Besides, you can create your playlists, something that gives you endless possibilities to group your music and listen anytime.

Spotify Premium Promo codes

The so-called promotional code is a one-time usable document available from supermarkets, stores, and online stores. If a Spotify user is required to update Spotify Premium and use the Remim code, the user must purchase the Spotify Premium code from the store and download the above document to see if the code is unique in improving the account. Useful On Spotify’s official website, we share some of the promotional code we sell to our customers. Below you can find a list of free Spotify premium apps that can be found on the Spotify app or website.

Spotify Premium Code (1 Month)

The codes are one-time use only if the above-seen codes are didn’t work for you?. Maybe the code was used by someone else already. You should have to wait for some time and check our page again later. We try to keep updating this page with the new Spotify premium codes. While you wait, you can try other ways to use Spotify Premium Free, such as Spotify Premium.


Instead of buying Spotify music premium subscription, you should try to get Spotify Premium for free using one of the shared Spotify premium accounts free here. Or you can even listen to some of the songs from Spotify on YouTube for free. Moreover, nowadays, a massive chunk of people use the music streaming service Spotify. If you do not want to sign up for a premium subscription right now, but still wanted to try the premium features to see the experience, then you can always look for ways to get Spotify premium accounts for free. Wait! Do you also like watching TV shows and movies online? We recommend you try Hulu apk, the android app that lets you watch Hulu for free without having Hulu Account. If you’re using a different operating system, check out our Guide to 7 Ways to Get Free Hulu! We hope this article helps you get a free Spotify account. Bookmark this page for the latest news. Also, share this information with your friends and social media.

FAQ – People Also Ask

How to uninstall another mod version of Spotify Apk?

First, go to Settings->Apps and find app name, open it and select Clear Data option (skip this step if you plan on disabling it instead of removing it).

I am guessing it won’t be a system APK (didn’t come pre-installed with the system, right?). In that case, go to /data/app, find APK with its icon, and either you can directly delete it, or just rename the file and change/remove the .apk extension to deactivate it.

Of course, you would need a root file manager such as a solid explorer for this and root permissions.

How do I get the Spotify MOD APK with a music download option?

I can see that there are a lot of opinions in this answer, but still decides to add a new one. The Pro Store APK works great; the well-known antivirus app contains dozens of eyes, so I suggest you use anti-virus or malware software when playing in this mode. Link Pro Pro Spotify shared edition is very old, here is a new and updated version for you. Spotify Music Premium MOD

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