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Pandora Plus Apk


Pandora Plus Apk was one of the first companies out there for running songs. The service worked its Music Genome Project and smart licensing to suddenly become a large name in supporting excellent music to hear throughout the workday.

But the company was controlled by a small program of music and growing dissatisfaction from clients who wanted to stream what they wanted, when they wanted, rather than the internet radio experience.

After Pandora Apk got Radio in late 2015, rumors swirled that the company planned to open a subscription-based on-demand service, and at last, the fruit of the company’s labors is here in the form of Pandora Cracked Apk.

Pandora Plus Apk

Pros and cons


  • Ad-free experience. Listen to any song on demand without having to sit through an ad first.
  • Playlists you can custom create and share. You can have up to three ESPN+ streams at once.
  • Offline listening. Download as many songs, stations, and podcasts as your device can hold and listen offline anytime.


  • Prices and trial offers can vary by device. You may receive a higher price or shorter trial period based on the device you’re using to upgrade your account.
  • Have to disclose demographic info on signup. Your birth year and gender are required information upon sign up, and Pandora doesn’t offer non-binary or nondisclosure options for gender.

Pandora plus Apk mod offers many more features than the official pandora one music app. With pandora Hacked Apk you can get skips, no timeout and much more. Pandora Mod Apk is currently available for android devices. For running this latest application, you must have a minimum android jelly bean version. After downloading it you can simply enjoy your favorite music much more.

Pandora Plus Free Trial:

There is a limit of one (1) free trial per account per year. If you have a Pandora account and have taken advantage of a free trial within the past 12 month period, you are not eligible for this offer. This offer has no cash value. Pandora reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer for any reason at any time.

How to unsubscribe from pandora plus

Unfortunately, solving out how to cancel Pandora Premium can be confused. This is because how you cancel it all depends on how you signed up for help in the first place. There are many ways you could have created an account. Just a few services include iTunes, Google Play, Roku and the Amazon Appstore. A quick way to find out would be to look at your bank statement to understand anywhere the Pandora Premium free charges are coming from. Once you remember where you saw it, though, canceling your account is comfortable.

How to cancel through Google Play

To cancel using the Google Play Store, you’ll need to go to their website. Go to the subscription page and find the Pandora section. From there, click Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancellation.

How to cancel through iTunes

If you went through iTunes to create your account, open the iTunes app and tap Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID to get to the iTunes subscription screen. On this screen, you’ll see your Pandora subscription information. Tap Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen directions to complete the cancellation.

How to cancel through Amazon

You’ll need to remember what type of device you used to sign up in order to cancel your subscription through Amazon. If you used a Kindle Fire, you’ll need to go to the device’s Home Screen and tap on Apps > Store > My Subscriptions > Pandora. Then, just turn off the auto-renewal option.

If you used the Amazon Appstore, open the app and go to the menu and choose Subscriptions. Tap on the Pandora Subscription option and turn off auto-renewal.

How to cancel through AT&T

If you added Pandora Premium to your AT&T billing package, you’ll need help from customer service to cancel. You can contact them through their Support page.

How to cancel through Roku

To cancel your subscription through a Roku device you’ll need to go to their website. Go to the Subscription page and select the Unsubscribe option next to Pandora to cancel.

Download Pandora Plus Apk Latest Version

You can download the latest version of Pandora One Apk from the link below. It is the direct link to download this MODded app on your Android device. The download link is totally safe and protected for your Android device. It is totally virus free. So, you can download this modded Apk without having any suspicion. If the download link is not working, you can comment down in the comment part here and we will fix the download links. After downloading the Apk file, follow the installation process below to install the Pandora unlimited skips on your Android device successfully.

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